Company Description

MicaSense is at the forefront of multispectral sensor development, and are pushing the
boundaries on agricultural data analysis. They strive to get the right tools into your hands so
you can make the right call at the right time—with clear, actionable information to guide your
decisions in the field.

Product Description
The RedEdge-M is a rugged, built-to-last, professional multispectral sensor. Capturing both the
spectral bands required for basic crop health indexes and additional bands to power further
analytics, the RedEdge-M is a multispectral powerhouse—with a compact size and low weight
that work with a wide variety of unmanned aircraft systems.

■ Weight: 173 grams (6.1 oz) (includes DLS and cables)
■ Dimensions: ​9.4 cm x 6.3 cm x 4.6 cm (3.7 in x 2.5 in x 1.8 in)
■ External Power:​ 4.2 V DC – 15.6 V DC 4 W nominal, 8 W peak
■ Spectral Bands: ​Blue, green, red, red edge, near-IR (global shutter,
■ RGB Color Output:​ Global shutter, aligned with all bands
■ Ground Sample Distance (GSD):​ 8 cm per pixel (per band) at 120 m
(~400 ft) AGL
■ Capture Rate: 1 capture per second (all bands), 12-bit RAW
■ Interfaces:​ Serial, 10/100/1000 ethernet, removable Wi-Fi, external
trigger, GPS, SDHC
■ Field of View: 47.2° HFOV
■ Triggering Options:​ Timer mode, overlap mode, external trigger mode
(PWM, GPIO, serial, and Ethernet options), manual capture mode

Kit Content and Details
1. MicaSense RedEdge-M camera
2. Downwelling Light Sensor (DLS)
3. GPS/MAG module
4. 60 cm DLS Cable (6 pin); USB Power Cable
5. Calibrated Reflectance Panel (CRP)
6. SD Card

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